Radiocarbon dating qub

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There might indeed be some small portion of the data that is not in electronic form.My request, though, was for a copy of the data that in electronic form.My request, though, was merely for the tree-ring data that had been obtained and used by the university; that hardly seems like precise categorization.

Almost all of the tree-ring data held by QUB was gathered decades ago; yet it has never been published.There is a standard place on the internet to publish such data: the International Tree-Ring Data Bank (ITRDB), which currently holds tree-ring data from over 1500 sites around the world.QUB refuses to publish or otherwise disclose most of its data, though.So, is all data that is in electronic form available at the ITRDB, as the Pro-Vice-Chancellor claimed?QUB has published the results of various analyses of its tree-ring data (most notably its claim to have sequences of overlapping tree rings extending back in time many millennia). Pilcher, also at QUB, wrote a widely-used computer program for tree-ring matching, CROS.) Obviously the data that was used for those computations is in electronic form—and it has not been uploaded to the ITRDB.

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The university holds some information about tree rings (which is important in climate studies and in archaeology).