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Norway, like most of Scandinavia, is very liberal in regard to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) rights and Norway became the first country in the world to enact an anti-discrimination law that explicitly included sexual orientation within employment since 1981.

Same-sex marriage, adoption, and IVF/assisted insemination treatments for lesbian couples have been legal since 2009.

The biggest challenges facing Thai women in Norway are: On July 2007 Thai Princess Somsawalee traveled to Norway to meet Thai women and to open the first Thai temple in Norway on the 100th anniversary of the famous visit of King Chulalongkorn to Norway in 1907. We have seen from countries like Australia, the United States and Canada that Thai women arriving in foreign countries as Thai Brides are beginning to found active communities in these countries.

The new legislation amended the definition of civil marriage to make it gender-neutral.

Norway's upper legislative chamber (Lagtinget) passed the bill in a 23–17 vote.

She is equally adamant that the story of Thai women in Norway is more a positive one than a negative one. I am happy to live in Norway with my husband.' The TV programme comes at a time when a government report in Finland concluded that well over 90% of marriages between Thai women and men from Finland were happy ones.

Finnish women's groups had called for an investigation into the high levels of Thai women opting to live at home as housewives.

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The King of Norway granted royal assent thereafter. Prior to the gender-neutral marriage law, a civil partnership law had been in effect since 1993.

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